Welcome to Unido

Welcome to Unido

Welcome to Unido


The Unido is a specialized agency of the country is mandated to promote and accelerate sustainable industrialization in developing countries in a transaction, and work towards improving living conditions in the worlds poorest country by drawing on its combine resources and global prices.

Unido aspires to reduce poverty through sustainable industry developments. We want every sector/country to have the opportunity to grow a flourishing productive structure to increase their participation in international trade and to save guard their environment. We work with the developing countries and economics in transition, where we promote and accelerate initialization as a source of economic growth needed to fight poverty at the same time we help to protect the environment by separating clean and sustainable industrial development.

Briefly Know About Us

Unido specializes in the development of modular low carbon fuel cell system and their global mass market. Unido delivers efficient and clean energy, technology for the global consumer electronics, automotive and distributed power for generating market from compact energy packs for mobile devices to power train for zero emission vehicles, and distributed power generation units for the growth of environmental friendly systems and infrastructure.Our Success

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Unido is the leading provider of service for improved industrial energy efficiency and promotion of renewable sources of energy, it also assists developing countries in implementing multi-lateral environmental agreements And in simultaneously reaching their economic and environmental goals.

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Fundamental changes in the way society produces and consumes are indispensable for achieving global sustainable development and fighting for climate change. Unido therefore promotes sustainable patterns of industrial consumption and production to deal in the process Economic growth and environmental degradation